Thursday, July 06, 2006


Cindy's powers of observation inspire me. A few weeks ago she asked how I can draw using my memory. I wrote back asking the opposite: "How can you draw from life?" Whenever I try to sketch something, I get overwhelmed with detail, then I crash.

So last night I experimented. I walked the line between deep observation (what I SEE) and intuitive memory (what I KNOW). The result was a more accurate, but still stylized version of objects in my universe.

My life is changing. I read fellow art bloggers every day. I study their creations and revel in their success. For me it's like visiting four or five studios each day! How enriching. The feedback on this blog makes me feel so safe and loved and valued, both as an artist and as a person. Living with this wonderful, magical, spiritual, kind, affectionate cat is making me so happy! So attentive and mindful. He is less shy each day, spending increasingly more time out from under the bed. He is a symbol of my emerging artist.

Working through The Artist's Way continues to challenge me and to open up new windows and doors. Sunlight is streaming through the cracks. The other night as I was going to sleep, I actually thought about taking myself back to France for a visit next year. Then I thought with a laugh, "Julia Cameron is right. This IS an abundant universe." And then I fell asleep.


Blogger melba said...

You are blossoming right before my eyes and it is such a beautiful thing to witness.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Kelly L. Watson said...

I agree with what you said about blogging - I find so much support here, I wonder how I ever lived without it! And it seems like the more I open up on my blog, the more valuable help I get.

Re: drawing... have you read any of Frederick Franck's work? Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing is especially good. I find my drawings are much better when I just trace the contours of something without looking at the paper, and it's nice and meditative that way. You must have a better inner eye than I do, because things come out disastrous when I try to draw from my head!

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Joan said...

Beautiful, beautiful post. I'm so happy for you.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Cin said...

hi Caroline, many thanks, if I inspire you in any way I am very pleased! the same has certainly been done for me by so many kind folks on the web, I am drawing as much as I am entirely because of other's encouragement and inspiration and I have learned so much in this past year because of it! a book that was recommended to me was Bert Dobson's "Keys to Drawing", he has some very helpful techniques for drawing from life. In my link list also "Laurelines", "The Creative Journey" and "Making a Mark" all give drawing advice that I do not.

my admiration and applause on your explorations, it is a fearful journey sometimes and hard to begin.

11:49 PM  
Blogger Potato Print said...


Thank you so much for these comments. I've looked up your references Kelly and Cin.

Melba, I can't thank you enough for coaxing me back into the blogosphere. Your blog is such a source of spirit and truth for me.

12:31 PM  
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