Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm leaving on a jet plane, I think I'll be back on Wednesday of next week.


Blogger Sacred Suzie said...

Have a wonderful trip whever you go Caroline, we will miss you my friend.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

I feel the same way about my new blogger friends! Have a safe and enjoyable journey, I will miss you.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Ginnie said...

"Leaving on a jet plane"...sounds like a song I've heard somewhere! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to when you return. Keep drawing!

7:40 PM  
Blogger melba said...

I wrote you a comment but my children are jumping on me and I think it disappeared!

Have a safe trip.

I wrote other stuff but I will just tell you telepathically!


8:38 PM  
Blogger dmmgmfm said...

Have a wonderful trip and draw beautiful pictures to share with your blogfriends when you return.

Take good care,

12:39 AM  
Blogger miss*R said...

safe travels to you sweet Caroline! will look forward to you coming back with lots of art!
I am so glad that our paths have crossed and look forward to our growth together next year xo

4:17 AM  
Blogger Endment said...

Have a lovely time --- I hope you get lots of rest, relaxation, and refreshing!

Your pictures continue to delight and entertain me.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Jamie said...

Have a safe and wonderful journey! I miss you already!

10:54 AM  
Blogger Cin said...

wishing you safe and a happy journey, bye!

11:56 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Safe travels and may you laugh loudly...

12:09 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

I just LOVE your sketches and am so glad you share them. As a frequent traveler...this one really made me smile.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Have a wonderful trip Caroline! Your post made me sing and it made me smile :)

6:22 PM  
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