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My knee is still the center of my universe. I went out and bought a cane, which has helped a lot. Walking from my car to my house is a real project. We live on a rambling estate with lots of trees and grass and wild plants. The dogs always greet me at the car and escort me to the house. I really love that.

At night it's so dark that I have to use the light of the moon to navigate my way.

This is the photographic view.

This is the view of our back yard. It is a channel that feeds from the Long Island Sound.
Sometimes it's hard living in an old house like this. There are mice and spiders. The phone lines get soaked. The furnace breaks down. Cars get stuck in the mud and snow. There are ticks. The well runs dry at inconvenient times. But this back yard outweight all of that.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

an exception

7. A punch line that always makes you laugh. .

Thanks Suzy, that was fun!

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